• Product Overview: Gas shield welding wires mainly include varieties for carbon steel, weathering resistant steel, heat resistant steel, low-temperature steel, high-strength steel, etc.
  • Product Overview: Submerged arc welding wires have the advantages of excellent weldability and mechanical behavior, stable arc, easy deslagging, good weld mounding, and high efficiency. They are applicable to welding o...
  • Product Overview:
  • Product Overview: 永磁无轨导爬行式弧焊机器人是“国家高技术研究发展计划(863计划)项目”。清华大学在中国科学院院士潘际銮院士指导下成功研制了永磁无轨导爬行式弧焊机器人,首次解决了大型结构件自动化焊接的重大难题。
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