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Trackless Autonomous Crawling Arc Welding Robot
Trackless Autonomous Crawling Arc Welding Robot
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Trackless Autonomous Crawling Arc Welding Robot

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The robot is composed of:

1.Crawling Mechanism

2.Laser Tracking System

3.Electric Control System

4.Cooling System

5.Welding System.


Advantageous performance:

1.No track, no guide

2.Simple pre-weld preparation and easy operation

3.High welding efficiency, over ten times higher than manual welding

4.High degree of robotization, realizing automatically welding



1.It can automatically track weld joints and freely crawl on perpendicular or bending surfaces;

2.It can carry out welding tasks on perpendicular or bending surfaces;

3.It is endowed with a strong adsorption force, a load capacity of 120kg, good control performance and movement performance;

4.It is equipped with an independently-developed laser tracking system, endowed with a good capacity of resisting disturbance and dynamic response performance, and realizes accurate track of weld joint.

5.It has extremely high welding efficiency, over ten times higher than manual welding.

6.It is characterized by simple operation, stable performance and simple pre-welding preparation, full-automation after striking of arc. It realizes automatically welding ;

7.No track and no guide, it is superior to robots with track in flexibility and mobility.

8.One time welding, double side molding and good welding performance.


Working Principle (in brief):

Laser tracking system tracks the weld joints; electric control system processes collected data and controls the movement; welding system welds weld joints; and cooling system controls welding shaping.

Brief Introduction to Robot Project

Permanent magnet trackless crawling arc welding robot is a National Hi-tech Research and Development Plan (863 Plan) Project.

Permanent magnet trackless crawling arc welding robot is successfully developed by Tsinghua University under the guide of Pan Jiluan, an academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, solves the automatic welding of large structure parts for the first time.

The robot passed the appraisal of the Department of Science and Technology of Jiangxi Province in Nov. 2003 and was considered live up to the world leading level by the Commission of Identification including three academicians.

The robot won the National Invent Paten, National Practical New Type Patent, International PCT patent and American patent.


Welding Parameter of Permanent Magnet Trackless Crawling Arc Welding Robot:

The EGW robot can weld steel plates of 12mm-30mm in thickness and the welding angle can have ±20°deviation based on perpendicular ground.

Welding Current Scope: 230A-380A

Welding Voltage Scope: 24V-40V

Welding Groove Scope: 15mm-30mm

Welding Plate Thickness Scope: 12mm-30mm

Solder Wire: Huatong Special Solder Wire EGW HTW-507(Core, ф1.6mm)


Laser Tracking System:

1.Good ability of resisting disturbance of arc light and electromagnetism

2.Speed image processor,

3.Independently-developed advanced image treatment and calculation method

4.Able to track all kinds of grooves and multi-layer weld joints


Features of Image Detection & Tracking System:

1.Fine ability of resisting disturbance of arc light and electromagnetism,

2.Real time image processing in the course of welding,

3.Adaptable to all kinds of weld grooves and groove change,

4.Real time inspection and analysis of toe of the weld, electric arc, welding groove shape, and weld pool

5.Inspection precision: ≥0.1mm,

6.Real time performance: Processing time less than 20ms.

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